Air Das Custom Race Suit

The AIR line is available with a total of 7 different designs that you can customize.

  • Composition: 100% AR
  • Homologation FIA 8856-2000

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The Marina AIR is a high-performance suit with a total weight lower than 1kg. Thanks to the composition of its fabrics, developed exclusively by Marina Racewear, we have considerably reduced the weight, providing an ultra-light feeling and also complying with the protection standards required by the FIA. The inner layer structure has been designed to increase the suit breathability (65 cm3 of air / second). Marina AIR maintains the 12.1 seconds of protection against second-degree burns, characteristic of the competition clothes developed by Marina Racewear. The 5 Marina AIR customizable suits have elastic bands at waist and underarms that provide a wide range of mobility and great comfort.


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Sizing Chart

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Marina Racewear

Commitmented to creating a new concept of FIA racewear ensuring the quality of all their products at a fair price. Marina observed the racewear market and realized that all existing products were based on the same fabrics’ configuration and almost identical features. So, they decided to redefine FIA racewear. And they did it.

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Weight 1.1 kg