DB7LED+ Poti

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  • 3 Way Switch On/Off/On
  • Bulbs – 1 White LED & 1 White Tungsten
  • 1:50,000 Romer Baseplate
  • ‘Capt Hook’ Map Magnifier Holder Hook

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Don Barrow


The DB7LED+ Poti from Don Barrow has a 3 Way Switch On/Off/On, with 2 bulbs – 1 White LED & 1 White Tungsten for ultimate vision. A 1:50,000 Romer Baseplate is included and ‘Capt Hook’ Map Magnifier Holder Hook. Supplied with right-hand handle and flexi cable for use in right-hand drive vehicles.


Don Barrow

Supplier of Rally Navigation Equipment from Don Barrow Magnifiers to Tripmeters. Don Barrow equipment is a requirement for every co-driver. Map Magnifiers, Romers, Timers, Stopwatches, Pacenote Lights, Cagelights, Average Speed Tables, Tripmeters, Tulip Road Book Editors, Rally Books and Accessories.
Don Barrow

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