Pro Rally Competition Seat

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  • F.I.A. approved 8855-1999
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Color: Black.

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GP Race


– Brand new seat F.I.A. approved 8855-1999 – It is the first design manufactured by the brand using a fibreglass construction shell. – Seat ready to accommodate a wider-range of drivers. – Additional reinforcement side bolsters with non-slip fabric. – Interior Styrofoam cushions offering top comfort. – Slots for a 5 point race harness. – Cushions can be removed if necessary. – Stainless steel hardware delivered. – Weight: 9kg – Color: Black. Ref. GP-BA424-NG – Seat size table comparison


GP Race

GP-RACE was started in 2006 by Marc Labarta (Head of GT2i at the time) in association with Gabriel Pozo, World Rally car champion 2001. Thanks to Gabriel’s experience the first GP-Race car seat was developed and ranked with the highest marks in the F.I.A test. Because of its success, GP-Race Company started growing and today is proud to offer 5 different models of car seats, approved by the F.I.A. as well as selling multiple car interior components.
GP Race

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