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The very unique RoamerLite-C
Following on from the successful RoamerLite-B, our very unique RoamerLite-C (Cordless) LED illuminated map magnifier has, (as many would testify!) been a long time in the design stage.  I thank you for your patience. “C” has now arrived!
It’s good to report that the major features of the RoamerLite-B have been carried over, specifically the ergonomic moulding, hand/hook strap and the brightness control.

RoamerLite-C is the first map magnifier of its kind to “go cordless”
Complete freedom of use.
No more worrying about an adapter or special wiring connector when swapping vehicles. None are required!
Plot in the warmth of the start venue whilst having your “Poti” at hand for those hard to see junctions.
Use the “C” during table top events, use the “C” anywhere!

Eary quotes:

“Thats a brilliant innovation…”  Steve Herbert

“No need to explain the benefits. Brilliant”  Dale & Debbie Furness

So what has changed?

Of course, the obvious change is the best. RoamerLite-C is now battery operated and cordless…

Three AA batteries are housed in an interchangeable cartridge. This is then inserted into the very sturdy and waterproof battery holder attached to the main moulding. A neat screw cap then seals the assembly.
Choose a brightness level to suit you by simply adjusting the control. That’s it, you’re ready to go.

What if my batteries fail?
RoamerLite-C is designed to run for typically 10/12 hours continuous use(*)
Using state of the art electronics the on-board processor senses when the main LED’s brightness is reducing and flashes the blue LED – but the LED brightness will be more than usable for several more hours

The change-over time for exhausted batteries is minimal and fuss free by using the holder mounted directly to the case.
A spare battery cartridge is available as an accessory so you could even stock a “loaded” cartridge for a super quick change… less than 10 seconds!

Why is RoamerLite-C not a rechargeable item?
Imagine you just forgot to recharge or ran out of time to charge your “C”… it’s back to the cable variety for you!

If  the batteries are allowed to drop real low, it’s just a few seconds change over and you are good to go.

Can I use rechargeable AA batteries in RoamerLite-C ?
Yes you can – the circuitry has been designed to operate with virtually no degradation on the slightly lower voltage from rechargeable batteries.

Can I switch RoamerLite-C off?
Effectively yes. Turning the brightness down to minimum (fully counter-clockwise) makes the RoamerLite-C “go to sleep” – but it “wakes up” several times a second to check if you’ve decided to turn the illumination back on again!
The batteries will last many weeks in this “sleep” condition while the RoamerLite-C is in your Nav bag awaiting its next outing!

Warning… comes alive in the dark! 

Specification includes:
Ergonomic design
Designed so that the adjustable strap forms your hand into the curve of the polypropylene body.
Can be utilised for left or right hand use by simply swapping the adjustable strap to the opposite side of the unit.

Glass lens
Magnification is totally equal across the entire 100mm/360 degree viewing area.

Unique driver’s “anti-glare” system
The driver will be aware of how little reflected “backlight” is produced due to the unique sleeve separating the light source from the top of the unit.

State of the art illumination control with intelligence!
A fine feel potentiometer (dimmer control) allows smooth min to max illumination.
However, the first 10% of travel means that RoamerLite-C is in “sleep” mode and it “wakes up” several times a second to check if you’ve decided to turn the illumination back on again.
The blue LED will pulse during this “sleep” period just to let you know all is well.
The batteries will last many weeks in this “sleep” condition whilst RoamerLite-C is packed away.

Comes complete with an adjustable handle and hanging strap
Doubles as a hanging device and a fully adjustable hand steady.

Comes complete with its own drawstring carry bag
Enables you to keep RoamerLite-C safe when not in use.

Extremely low current consumption
Due to the use of the latest high intensity white LEDs, the current drain is minimal and RoamerLite-C will run at maximum brightness for typically 10/12 hours continuous use (*)
RoamerLite-C uses all types of AA cell including rechargeable.

Low brightness warning
Using state of the art electronics the on-board processor senses when the brightness is reducing and flashes the blue LED

System check on battery insertion
The same blue LED will pulse 10 times after battery insertion and pulse 5 times when the unit “wakes up” and turns on the main white LEDs.
These functions assure you that RoamerLite-C is well and ready to use


The Basic Roamer Company

The Basic Roamer was designed many years ago by the Gentleman Tony Reynolds. He realised the need for a device that was both compact and at the same time remained accurate within it’s working environment. His original design passed through many stages of development, he listened and gathered enthusiastic information from his friends and indeed many competitors that had been introduced to his then, latest version. Even a laminated model was introduced but this proved inconsistent and suffered from an inherent twist. So, after wearing out yet another drawing board Tony persevered until this, the MkV was born. Development regarding the Roamer 6 followed similar lines once a 1:25 000 market had been realised. And of course, a clever play on the name ensured that copyright’s remain unaffected!

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